Helen Gallagher receives praise for her efforts to help people grasp technology, publishing, and writing for the web.  Comments received include the following:

“Excellent presentation. Very informative and helpful.”


“Helen was very knowledgeable. As a brand new author she had great advice! Great job”


“Very well versed in her field.”


“The session was very informative and helpful.”


“I am helping a friend publish a book and this program helped me possibly avoid mistakes in self-publishing.”


“Very good presentation. Thank you.”


“Very knowledgeable. I really enjoyed the evening.”


“Extremely informative and well presented!”


“Excellent choice”


“Ms. Gallagher answered all questions clearly and knowledgeably.”


“This was an excellent presentation!”


“Informative and motivational plus speaker is very personable. Thank you, Helen, for sharing!”


“Great resources and ideas for someone at any stage of the writing process.”


“She knew what she was talking about.”


“Great topics – fine examples.”



Recent events:

Conference & Workshop Venues:

  • ASJA, Grand Hyatt, New York
  • Barrington Writers Workshop
  • Chicago-area Mensa Society
  • In-home workshops, U.S, and Vancouver
  • Loyola University Summer Writer’s Workshop
  • Manzanita Writers Group
  • Midwest Writers Association, Chicago
  • National Science Writers, Spokane
  • Off-Campus Writers Workshop – oldest writing group in the U.S.
  • Univ. Wisconsin, Milwaukee
  • Women’s Exchange

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