Accessible Living

Accessible Living

Patient ConfidentialA quick note to announce an important new book:  Patient Confidential: Tips and Advice To Keep You Safe As You Navigate the Healthcare System, by Richard J. Lang. Click here for more information and links to purchase the book.

Being rewarded by the opportunity to care for those in need is a great gift in my life. Over the years, many of us are fortunate enough to be in good health. It is a blessing to be the partner in someone’s disability or passage through illness. Doing so has led me to the simplest of joys and the greatest feeling of generosity.  Its so simple to lend a hand. Slow down enough to help someone navigate a street corner, hold a door open, lend a hand to someone unsteady at a curb. Offer to help someone who is struggling. You, like me, will be enriched by the simple power of being able to lend a hand and practice the power of compassion for others.

This special web page covers the Accessible Travel slant, as I find more wonderful places for people who can still journey this earth. Here we will celebrate the simple pleasures of travel, with tips for people of all abilities.

I’m excited to share ideas, products, services and opportunities for people to join in the rewards of travel.

Recommended reading:


7 Steps to Living Well with a Chronic Illness, by Matt Cavallo
Read my review here:

How to Be Sick: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide for the Chronically Ill and Their Caregivers, by Toni Bernhard

How to Live Well with Parkinson’s: Advice from a Physical Therapist, by Miriam P. Boelen PT


May 20, 2014  NEWS: The National Park Foundation has joined with Disney
to launch a new program:  Open OutDoors for Kids.

Beyond sharing the beauty of our National Parks, this program has the potential to do so much more. Read about this great opportunity for all children, and Disney’s matching grant to fund the program.

Let’s help children grow up with appreciation for our natural resources. One image shown on the donation page is of children from Las Vegas, thrilled to see a squirrel amid the beauty of the sandstone of Zion National Park. Just imagine what else is in store for these city kids! The National Parks make nature accessible for disabled individuals, so this outdoor program is an especially powerful gift for children with special needs.

Read more and visit the new Open OutDoors here:

EDITORS: Articles on this topic are available to customize for your publication:

Car, Train, Plane…. What to expect and how to plan your travels.

Accessible Santa Fe

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