Having trouble resting on flights? Unable to find a proper travel pillow, or tired of trying to sleep on your bunched-up jacket? Well, thanks to this invention by a physician, Dr. Ravi Shamaiengar, you can now hold your head high and sleep without neck pain on planes, trains, or as a passenger during a long car ride. NapAnywhereI was mystified by the design until I tested the NapAnywhere Head Support pillow.It folds flat for packing in a briefcase or backpack and has a cloth pouch for storage. It is not soft and squishy, which is often the problem with most travel pillows… no support.

NapAnywhere’s one piece design bends to rest your head, while the weight is distributed across your shoulder (left or right). Tighten the strap and it stays in place with no pressure. Instead of a mushy pillow that offers no support, the sturdy head rest, gently supported on the shoulder, creates a stable posture to relax and fall asleep.

Interested? Learn more about NapAnywhere and its inventor at  www.napanywhere.net, before your next journey. You may never travel without it.

Happy well-rested travels!