Chance Encounters: Travel Tales from Around the WorldThe chance encounters in this anthology leave lasting impressions on the traveler, and on the reader. After enjoying details of others experiences, your future travels will likely include new ways to see, hear and connect with fellow travelers and locals wherever you roam.

Each submission in the anthology, edited by Janna Graber, brings the reader into the heart of the story:

—“I’m in a bikini, dangling from the edge of a granite cliff, holding my sarong out to a man in white shorts.”

—“Standing at the edge of Alexanderplatz, I watch Berlin pass by.”

—“It’s hard to hang on to your shoes in Africa.”

—And the exotic world of Iceland in the essay, “White Nights,” which begins: “Two steps down the Finnair ramp onto the tarmac at the Helsinki Airport and I knew I had made a mistake wearing cowboy boots.” The frozen ground shot an almost electric jolt up through my heels to my calves. A third step landed me backside down on the ice-coated passenger walkway.”

Readers and writers alike can learn a great deal about story-telling, structure and narrative from these skilled writers, as we are invited to travel along. Unique experiences and adventure are at the heart of travel. With over twenty unique essays/stories written by seasoned travel writers, ‘Chance Encounters‘ takes the reader around the world, from thrilling adventures to the emotion of a traveler holding the hand of a little girl left alone in a Kathmandu bookshop.

Travel, often a glorious experience, deepens when we open our eyes. ‘Chance Encounters‘ is an endearing collection to inspire our own global journeys, to go beyond the ordinary, make new friends, and maybe even change a life.