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Does this seem familiar?
You can’t remember if you took your pills…
Did you take your vitamin with breakfast?
Are you tired of opening prescription bottles all day?
Traveling with medicine bottles is clumsy…
You don’t reorder pills because you don’t know when you are running low…

Having found this MedCenter product to manage pill-taking throughout the day, I thought I would show you some of the clever options. The system, both a pill organizer and a reminder system, was invented by a man who wanted a better way for his parents to take the right dose at the right time.

  pill 31day

Taking the correct medications at the right time is crucial for managing your health. The MedCenter System is an all-in-one pill kit that sits nearby and holds compartments for four daily doses, that you can fill just once each month. A travel version packs a week of pills in a protective case.

pill traveler

Thoughtful design details help avoid errors in taking pills. include a color code, so you know if you’ve taken the day’s full dose, when the container is red side up or if the green side is up, there may be pills remaining.

The large kit holds a 31 day supply, and each daily dose plastic stack includes four compartments clearly marked for Morning, Noon, Evening, and Night doses. An optional, removable digital clock includes a talking voice alarm to remind you if you miss a dose. You can set up to four alarms, or if you just need a reminder at bedtime, use just the Night reminder. Instead of an ineffective or annoying beep, the alarm, the reminder is a friendly voice with a specific message, such as “Please take your morning pills for the 20th”. The user presses the button to acknowledge the message, and it is set for the next dose.

Pill clock

For peace of mind and independence in medicine management, the MedCenter System is by far the best product I’ve seen. As a care-partner and neighbor to several people with chronic health issues, I can easily see whether they are taking pills at the right time, and whether they need to renew a prescription.

The website at http://www.medcentersystems.com/Store.html shows you the full product line, ranging from a one-day clip-on case  to the carefree 31-day setup, color coded, labeled and sitting in a sturdy table-top case. The talking alarm feature is an option, and can be purchased as a stand alone reminder for anyone taking daily medications.

For product sizes and prices see MedCenterSystems.com, invented by a man who knew there had to be a better way to help his parents manage medicine doses.

And now there is.