Excerpt from Try if you Dare: Adventure in Vancouver, BC, published on AOL Travel Sept. 9. 2010:

Adventure Activity Vancouver

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Towering snowy mountains, sparkling waters and lofty forests surround a glittering, modern downtown packed with adventures for even the most seasoned traveler.

Here are four recommendations for adding at least one adventure activity in Vancouver to your next trip.


1. Savor the suspense
Overcome your fear of heights at the Capilano Suspension Bridge, a swinging, narrow suspension bridge dangling 230 feet over the roaring Capilano River. Originally constructed in 1889, the bridge is now a popular adventure activity in Vancouver for those brave enough to make it across. The spectacular 450-foot walk (white-knuckled, for some!) across the bridge is unforgettable, as you peer down to the river rushing through a steep-walled canyon far below.  . . .

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