Travel blogger, Val Grubb, was featured in the New York Times “In Transit” column on May 25,2014. Her Q & A had loads of great trips for accessible travel. Her focus was on traveling with parents, but the advice and ideas are relevant for all travelers who want to take it easy, whether with parents, partners, or as solo travelers. Avoid exhaustion and minimize stress with some of her suggestions.

Top ideas:

1. Do a web search for your destination city and add “wheelchair access” or “navigating with special needs.”

2. Research your arrival city and inquire about easy airport transfers.

3. Travel insurance provides peace of mind, especially for foreign travel, when traveling beyond your U.S. Medicare insurance coverage. Grubb even writes down her mom’s prescription list and medical conditions in the local language where they are traveling.

Here’s a ink to the full article with travel tips.

The story also reminded me of a travel writing friend. In her last public appearance, when asked for travel tips she said:

1. If you see a chair, sit down.

2. If you see a bed, lie down.

3. If someone offers help, accept it…