Travel guides published by Editions Jonglez help you pack wisely. They go beyond guidebooks listing every hotel, cafe, and transit maps. Instead, they are filled with unusual details about your destination, in a unique style, written by local residents. As a result, Jonglez guides appeal to locals in popular destinations as well as global travelers.

secret dublinSecret Dublin: An Unusual Guide, by Pól Ó Conghaile for Jonglez, covers Dublin city center, magnificent Phoenix Park, and sends you away from city center to explore rarities in the north and south of Dublin. Surely, if you’re curious about the Jewish Cemetery, you can journey by bus for a visit. This tiny area served as a burial ground for Jews from the early 1700s until 1900, when a larger cemetery opened. While the caretaker is not always available for a tour, only a Jonglez guide would offer you this hint: “Take the #123 double-decker bus along the road and peer over the wall.”

Perhaps the fiercest site is the Stoker Dracula Museum. When traveling with children who say “There’s nothing fun here.” This is one museum that will surely spook them. Bram Stoker’s Dracula is honored in the birthplace and childhood home of the author, and is now the Bram Stoker Hotel. While Stoker is not as well known to most of us as other Irish authors, such as James Joyce or Oscar Wilde, his legacy continues to inspire writers of all ages. Having been to Dublin twice, I learned of the Stained Glass Room, which I missed on both occasions. A visit to the Dublin City Gallery without seeing this room is a tourist’s loss. As Secret Dublin‘s author writes, the Stained Glass Room is “a whispery, church-like and ridiculously beautiful room…”   Read full review here: Seattle Post Intelligencer.