Thanks to Poets & Writers for reminding us of these special locations. Getting close to your favorite authors has never been more fun.

Use Poets & Writers Literary Database before you take off on your next trip. Every city in the world harbors writers. Many of the great writers, living and deceased, are honored by their favorite or home cities. Follow their genius with a home or museum visit.

ImageMy best memory of roaming around an author’s past was a visit to Charles Dickens home in London. I sat in his office, toured his tiny kitchen, and browsed his bookshelves. I have delightful memories of finding Edgar Allen Poe’s memorial on a Boston Baltimore corner, and counting the cats in Hemingway’s Key West.

In Prague, I spent time peering up at Franz Kafka’s office window where he suffered through long days working in an insurance office, counting the hours until the night’s insomnia would help him write. But what a lovely view he had while daydreaming, watching the astronomical clock …


At, you can even save your literary map, making your next road trip a delightful discovery that you might otherwise miss.