The New York Times has a long article in the Travel section on travel bloggers. While many people start small and grow their blog over time, others get a jump start by accepting sponsorships. The article, “Travel Blogging Today: It’s Complicated” by Dan Saltzstein, lists several good bloggers to follow if you’re aiming to increase your exposure, and covers ethical quandaries, economics and financial issues.


“It’s impossible to estimate the number of independent travel blogs. Thousands of writers and photographers now travel the world registering their thoughts through platforms like WordPress and Blogger. …

“The proliferation of these blogs, and what is becoming a go-to way of financing them, would seem a boon to the daring people who want to keep logs of life on the road and the readers who want to consume them. But as travel blogging comes of age, the landscape has become vastly more complicated and more fragmented. It can all be daunting — and increasingly difficult for both bloggers and readers to navigate.

Read the full story here and see where your dream travels will take you.